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The present clearly shows the need for new social concepts and open platforms of discourse for the development of strategies and technologies appropriate to the times. Contemporary art is a collaborative practice located between science, technology, political processes and social strategies, spanning a participatory network of people from diverse backgrounds.

The laboratory, as a platform for these collaborative practices, ultimately provides access to creative thinking, the interpretation of circumstances and contexts, and the means of working beyond linear thought processes and conventions.




Die Gegenwart zeigt deutlich wie nötig neue soziale Konzepte und offene Diskursplattformenen für die Entwicklung zeitadäquater Strategien und Technologien sind. Die Kunst der Gegenwart ist eine kollaborative Praxis, verortet zwischen Wissenschaft, Technologie, politischen Prozessen und sozialen Strategien, aufgespannt in einem partizipativen Netzwerk von Menschen unterschiedlichster Hintergründe.

Das Labor, als eine Plattform für eben diese kollaborativen Praxen, ermöglichen so letztlich Zugang zum kreativen Denken, der Interpretation von Gegebenheiten und Kontexten, sowie den Arbeitsmitteln abseits linearer Denkprozesse und Konventionen.












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ENTROPY is one of the most basic physical laws on our universe.

It is a term originated in the second law of thermodynamics, establishing the irreversibility of physical processes. A broken glass can never be put into its former shape, even if mended.

Though entropy is basically just describing the simple fact that molecules tend to expand into all available space in equal allocation – spill a glass of milk and it will spread as far as it can... - it´s impact and consequences is enormous. As entropy was a quite big topic in the world of science at the beginning of the last century as it started to become a common term, which fast spread into other fields of science and philosophy, taking the disastourous political developments of its time as evidence, it now has its renaissance or even first common understanding.

Beyond physics entropy is a term which was taken up by other fields of science like information theory, but also media and popular discourses, as it seems to describe our present situation on earth better than any other, not only from the view of the “western” world, which makes it an increasingly used word.


Entropy is in popular media and discussions mostly connected with disaggregation, collaps, decay and disorder. Though this is far from a precise description of the term, this negative notion seems to fit well with present dynamics, as social and political corrosion, multiplying wars, increasing refugee streams, growing economical crisis and environmental dynamics, which by the majority is perceived as destructive.


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is a series of collaborative, experimental art-laboratories, where a temporary community of
artists, of different genres, discuss and work together with scientists, activists and experts, on the topics influenced by Entropy.Thus to develop arguments into manifest artworks and installation objects, which in the sum generates the pataphsyic Laboratory to describe and discuss the present time and world views, as the turnover processes of our present society.

From the starting point in March 2015 the Entropy-project has become a permanent exchange and discourse platform which through the concentrated manifestations in LABs and workshops has a constantly growing number of participating artists and experts. These people working on specific aspects of present developments in science, arts etc. have become an exchanging network of experts who at the same time are the pool of guides for the physical LABs which could be described as a kind of mobile Think-Tank. As we try to pick relevant protagonists, stakeholder or activists, of present developments or processes, it is always providing a current description of the present.