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In motion, perspectives are perpetually changing –
even if they relate to on and the same object.

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NOMAD-theatre is a permanent interim solution.
As such it is structured in a loose group of temporary
associations with an open spot for input, not stationary
and thus operating on flexible, modular theatrical projects
with transdisciplinary working methods and multisensual
techniques. Human presentation methods, acoustic and multimedia
techniques (media, video, film but also taste and smell
activating media) are components of the work
and medium of communication.

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NOMAD-theatre is working on the development of contemporary
forms of communication and expression like transdisciplinary
projects in the performative and situationist as well as in the so
called theatrical context. Starting point of the work is thereby
the origination of temporary areas of action and structured
communication spaces.
Such communication spaces are in principle virtual and
are produced by means of different techniques in material,
architectonic and various medial surroundings. However,
communication and encounter in the physical world or
the activation to it is vital for this process. In this sense,
performances or theatrical works are temporary installations
of simultaneity.
Theatrical installations, performances are placed in specific contexts –
situations and public activities are staged, thereby putting t
he conceptual reality into perspective resp. activating to its
permanent recreation. The focus of this work is on longer-term,
process-oriented projects, developed in a laboratory environment
and placed in public in the form of several products that originated
out of this process.

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NOMAD-theatre is conceived as a mobile module for
perception and communication of the world and its current
development to discontinuity and fragmentarisation.
In its growing multidimensional labyrinthic archive, the name
is subject and operating principle of nomadic research as well
as nomadic orientation and action strategies.

NOMAD-theatre was founded in 2000 by director Thomas J. Jelinek.

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project abstract



long-term project:  LABfactory arr1 - 1138396.1


LABfactory is a transdisciplinary laboratory and a platform of cooperation for artists and art groups

as well as an interface between art and science.

current cooperation-projects:


•  futuresystems birmingham arr1 - 1138396.1

will be presented in Birmingham / Belgrade / Bratislava, Prague and Iasi as an evolutional, process-driven event, developing out of experimentation.  Presentations will be made only in ‘open’ (non institutional) space, starting in Birmingham in the Fall of 2007, in cop-operation with ACE (Arts Council England); in Prague in co-operation with Eastern Alliance; in Bratislava, in co-operation with Priestor Gallery; in Iasi Romania, in co-operation with Vector (the organization behind the IASI Biennial); in Belgrade in co-operation with the Belgrade Cultural Centre, Remont & Ozone Gallery.


•  underground city XXI arr1 - 1138396.1

 in coopertion with Labin Art Express, Platforma 9.81 (CRO),
LIBAT- Hybridisation Laboratory for arts and new technologies (F)
und Prague College (CZ).


•  theSCREEN

in co-operation with Bilderwerfer(A), sonance.net(A/EU), GISS.tv (ES)
and others.


Examples of temporary projects:


Since 2000 Ulysses.factory (about the come-back of the myth, the hero as a consequence of the socio-political deconstruction
of society and the nomadic) with several installations, discourse video project and with the
theatre series ODYSSEUS.fragments, up to now fragments 1 and 2: „Pressekonferenz“ („press conference”)
and „der bauch des pferdes“ (“the belly of the horse”) plus 8: “Penelope” (in cooperation with dietheater Vienna)

Since 2004: River people.LABOR/Proj.Flussbar (about contemporary nomadism and global flexibilisation),
„Dislocated outdoor event“ in cooperation with Fluc, theatre works, installations and short performances 
like BIG ZERO (based on fragments from Haberl/Kindermann) or „sautanz.reloaded“ A.Nikolic, T.J.Jelinek
At present (in progress): among others SKLAVEN-SLAVES, „Die Wannenkonferenz“ (the conference of basins)
Assistance in the theatre-club concept SPIEL: PLATZ by dietheater Konzerthaus
Cooperations like Projekt: seriousPOP