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a laboratory for permanent converting of printed matters within its certain context, as well as it is a laboratory for the fabrication of contexts through writing or other medial recorded contents.

transformed into preformatted presentation.

The konTEXTlab is interchanging with the current,
already complex spectrum of the appearance of

written language and it is formulating a certain content of lingual signs, which raised in their potential since the first written characters in the ancient time,
over the technical development of printing and in several different formats of digital storing. Nowadays lingual signs,
words and texts are a tremendous non- perceptible masse.

The konTEXTlab arranges regularly series of preformatted presentation which are, as the appropriate room for discussion,
take place in public.

Material is provided, according to topos and context of the writers or scientists, from their publications, otherwise material is received out of the stream of communication in electronic spaces of the world wide web, or it is taken from various data mediums or out of the press.
This project offers room for discussions on context and text, whereby the audience is invited

the course of process are various formats and
constellations of writers and theorists, in co-operation with performance artists and image- sound- and
media- artists, developed.
The modules of performance that came into being, from sparingly staged readings/ reading- performances to discursive confrontations, are, as a so called virtual “Gedankenambience” (great virtue of thought),
staged in several public spaces where the result is a so called
“desillusioniertes” ( disillusioned) theatre of speech (NOT dramatic theatre), as well as changing theatrically installations. Among other things, the actions are for the recently started WEBtelevision Project,
which is right now in development, or for the benefit of the broadcasting space for media as the CommunityTV-cannel OKTO on is.

The public konTEXTlab is taking place once a month in the LABfactory, as well as in associated and co-producing places as the club FLUC or on collaborating stages.
from the LAB developed module of performance, are presented, depending on content, context and format, in public spaces, clubs, ateliers or theatres,
or they are elaborated directly there.

Entire dramaturgy and program: T. J. Jelinek and Harald Jokesch with varying guests and co-operation partners.

a cooperation at nomad.theatre and last.exxit