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  -DJ in electronic fields since the late ’90ies, after deeply rooted in Modern Classic-Music(12-tone),
  Ethnic Tunes and Jazz. Soon he created his own unique style by sampling prepared sounds
  and melodies into the DJ-tools. As his musical horizon is always widening up,
  he performs in many different genres such as Ambient, Electronic Experimental Jazz,  
  Progressive-House,-Trance and –Techno, London Progressive Beats&Breaks to Drum&Bass
  and even Modern Classic. Apart from the Club-scene all over Europe he also appears on
  festivals where he mainly interacts in Jazz- and Classic-Ensembles, but to name a few:
  At the Jazz-Festival-Wiesen/Austria 2002, at the Kud-Festival-Ljubljana/Slov. 2002, at the  
  Modern-Classic-Festival „Hörgänge“-Konzerthaus/Vienna-Austria 2002, at the 
  Jazz-Festival-Budapest/HU.(Gödör-Club) 2003, at the Ars-Electronica-Festival 2002, at the 
  Sonnenklang-Festival/Austria 2003+2004, etc.. There he jammed with international musicians
  like Elton Dean (sax/Soft Machine/UK), Pat Thomas (p/Working Week/UK),
  Joe Gallivan(dr/USA), Ramesh Shotham (perc./INDIA), George Boutroumlis (akk/AUSTRALIA), 
  Abdel-Jalil-Kodssi (voc.+gimbri/MAROC.), Al Slavik (bass/Level 42/UK), Irene Lovacs (voc./HU),
  Arcady Shilcloper (horns/RUSSIA), Luison de Armas Bocalandro (voc./CUBA) and many more.
  In the year 2005 he will be again at the Sonnenklang-Festival on Saturday,28.5.2005 and
  performing with the Jazz-Trio „Rainforest 21“ at the Sonar-Festival/Barcelona on Sat.18.6.2005,
  at the Wiesen-Festival “Urban Art Forms“ on 5.8.2005 and at the Budapest-Oeszi-Festival
  in September 2005. He performed live on the Austrian Radio-Stations Ö1 and FM 4
  („Dogs Bollocks“), at the Slovenian Radio/Ljubljana and runs 2 radio-shows
  („Tonkopf“ + „Trancemission“) at the Internet-Station Play.FM.
  He works a lot with VJs (e.g.: eye-m, Equal-eyes, Geko,..) and actionistic-Dance-Ensembles
  (e.g.: Vis-Plastica,..) too. As he often uses 4 musical sources (=tone-channels) at once,
  he needs a mixing deck with 4 channels (minimum, EQ per channel), 3 turntables
  (minimum 2=either Technics 1210 or Vestax PDX-d3) and 2 CD
  (Pioneer CDJ-100S=Mastertempo indispensable!!)

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