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konTEXTlab 14


Lela codes :: The day I had an affair with technologies

ktl14_antonia02 - 289695.1
 Antonia Fòlguera

ktl14_antonia_thomas04 - 289689.1  

  Antonia Fòlguera, Thomas J. Jelinek

ktl14_jaume - 289701.1    Jaume Nualart 

ktl14_harald_antonia01 - 289698.1  
Harald Jokesch, Antonia Fòlguera

ktl14_julia - 289707.1   
Julia Zdarsky

ktl14_nuria03 - 289721.1
Núria Vergés

ktl14_nuria_miguel - 289715.1   

Núria Vergés, Miguel Gozalbo 

ktl14_julia_visual02 - 289705.1

ktl14_leinwand02 - 289711.1


"An investigation that arises from the desire to elucidate certain questions to transform research into a useful knowledge reserve to all those people worried about inequalities among genders and for  people oriented to social and political transformation.

a space to rethink technology and its representations, its connection with the body and subjectivities and its relation with new forms of production, work, affections, identities, knowledge, desires, feelings, actions...

a study that comes from the analysis of data, information and existing research at an international level and that approaches real and everyday practices

a research that wants to echo projects, iniciatives, personal and collective practices in relation with technologies, but above all from womyn who currently participate and develop tools for information and communication tecnologies


a critical attitude because we want to know and have access to
the  running and mechanisms of the tools which we work with.
For that reason we opt to use free software, open tools that
facilitate collective learning and give autonomy in collaborative
work and with the machines

A creation that is spread under free licences because we believe
that freely sharing and distributing information and knowledge
facilitates social and political transformation

An interest to identify attitudes, representations and practices
that discriminate womyn in the world of ICT from the experience
of womyn that have managed to overcome those inequalities.

A visual, sonorous and cartographical path of the route,
actions, looks and reports as an active political work form.

A way to entangle us more...more...and more"  

(c) manifesto donestech arr1 - 1138396.1

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Daniel Villaba : 3D Video creator, editor and pure data pacher.
Antonia Fòlguera: Moderator, Journalist (TV,Radio / Music) and producer.
Núria Vergés: activist, researcher and singer. 
Miguel Gozalbo: musician.
Julia Zdarsky : visual artist (Vienna)
Jaume Nualart, Thomas J. Jelinek
Katherina Zakravsky
Harald Jokesch

Sound by Miguel Gozalbo

Antonia Fòlguera,   Thomas J. Jelinek



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